Villa Policies

Rental Agreement

Unlike a rental agency with a contract designed to protect them and the owners at the expense of the renters, since we own and operate just Great Expectations this Website describing in detail Great Expectations and our exchange of e-mails specifying what we are providing and what you are paying for constitute our rental agreement. Your sending payment constitutes your acceptance and agreement to these terms, conditions, limitations and restrictions as delineated below. If you have any problems or questions with any of the following, please be sure to email or phone us for discussion and explanation before you send us your rental monies.

Pool Safety:

Please be cautioned that there is no fencing surrounding the swimming pools at Great Expectations. The renter acknowledges that they will not leave children unattended at any time. By becoming a guest at Great Expectations, the renter takes full responsibility for any children. themselves, and guests and releases the owners and the property manager of any liability for children, themselves and guests while on the property.

Cancellation Policy:

You may cancel your reservation at anytime for any reason; all payments made are fully refundable upon our re-booking the time period. We do not deduct an administrative fee as do many places; we want only happy guests. Since the more notice of cancellation you give us, the better the chance we will be able to re-book your dates, we highly recommend that you purchase trip insurance to protect you financially from any last minute emergencies (medical, health, weather, snow, ice, hurricane, airline strikes, airplane mechanical breakdown, etc). We have researched the best, affordable coverage available and we recommend an excellent policy offered by CSA Insurance Services. You can get a free quote from CSA on-line or you can call CSA directly at 1-800-348-9505 – if you do call them, make sure to give them our Identification Number (828 195 68) so that, in the event you have to file a claim they can contact us and we can verify that you have pre-paid your “hotel” expenses. If you purchase trip insurance other than CSA, make sure that they will cover the pre-paid cost of renting a private villa like CSA does.


The owners, Charles Atkins and Kristin Demong, GREX, Inc, d/b/a Great Expectations, assume no liability for property loss or damages, nor liability for injury, accidents, delay, or irregularity which may be occasioned either by reason of defect in ay vehicle or the acts of company or persons engaged in conveying passengers to or from their villa. Transportation (airlines, ferries, charter vessels, rental cars and taxis) is supplied by providers who operate independently of Great Expectations. We assume no responsibility, therefore, for any loss, injury, or damage to person or property because of the acts of those providers. Furthermore, Guest is responsible for the villa during occupancy, must lock villa’s windows and doors securely at all times when not on the premises, and must exercise care in securing all personal property. Guests must observe all cautions as given in our Guest Information Book and/or by the villa Property Manager.

Weekly Rates:

50% of our posted weekly rates is due at the time of booking a reservation for consulting and planning travel services we provide in advance of your arrival to advise about trip interruption and cancellation insurance, transportation (by air to St Thomas, by private taxi from the airport to the ferry, and by boat to St John), provisioning (groceries, beverages), catering and chef services, vehicle rental (on St John or St Thomas), power and sail boat trips (around St John or to the British Virgin Islands), private tours, babysitters, photographers, massages, and anything else we can do to help you arrange the best vacation ever! The remaining 50% of the weekly rate plus 12.5% United States Virgin Islands Hotel Tax is due 30 days prior to arrival for the costs of providing you accommodations at our property on St. John and such services as being met upon your arrival on St. John by our property manager plus on-call 24/7, cleaning on the day of your arrival and departure, pool and hot tub maintenance during your stay, landscaping, exterminating, and potable water. Also due at that time, we usually charge (although no charge for returning guests) a $500 refundable security deposit as explained below in more detail. There are no other hidden charges or fees for cleaning, ‘resort fees’, or concierge services. Tipping of staff for exceptional service is at your discretion.

Security Deposit:

Any damages or loss to the villa or its contents beyond reasonable usage and accidental damage are the financial responsibility of guests who are expected to use responsibly the Villa’s resources, especially electricity and water which are very dear. Villa furniture is not to be modified or moved, and if it is, a fee for restoring furniture to the original condition and location may be deducted from the security deposit. St. John has no trash collection (and the only recycling is for aluminum cans) so that guests are responsible for the removal of garbage daily to avoid attracting univited visitors. Guests will be charged $100 for the removal of trash left at the villa if you fail to remove all your garbage at the end of your stay. A $50 fee will be charged to the security deposit in the event of the loss of a room or safe key (please leave the keys in the safe lock where you found them). Your security deposit will be returned to you usually within 10 days of your departure as long as you leave our home in the condition you found it!

Maximum Use:

No more than 16 people may occupy the Villa without the express written consent of the owners. We will be glad to recommend nearby villas to rent if you need more bedrooms for more people than we can accommodate comfortably. We do not permit children, animals, unexpected guests, inebriated spouses, etc., to use the Great Room couches or outdoor hammocks for sleeping (at night).

The Villa is rented to only one group at a time. We do not rent the unoccupied rooms in the Villa; you will be the only guests no matter the size of your party.

Facilities are for the exclusive use of villa guests only unless expressly permitted, in writing, by owners.

 Special Events:

 We are delighted to help you celebrate your wedding, anniversary or other special event. Be forewarned that there is only one half-bath in the Great Room for outside guests to use; the other 8 bathrooms are all located in someone’s bedroom. Also please note that the Great Room was designed to hold only the people staying at the Villa so for any event for more than that number you will need to rent tables and chairs set-up on the outside patios and barware, dishes, and utensils. Be advised that a Caribbean rain shower can decide to join your outdoor event at any time without warning as one cannot see a rain clouds approaching easily at night!

If you still wish to hold a special event at Great Expectations rather than at the nearby Westin resort or a restaurant in Cruz Bay, please understand that the Villa is located in a quiet, residential area and our neighborhood association (Estate Chocolate Hole Landowners association, ECHLA) has adopted a ‘Code of Conduct’ designed to make sure our guests do not disturb our neighbors just as you would not wish to be disturbed by them during your stay at Great Expectations:

Lighting: Outdoor lighting should not interfere with our neighbor’s ability to enjoy the natural beauty of our environment. Please keep all lighting low impact and pointed downwards (low watt- age, not facing outwards) and turn ALL outside lights off from midnight through dawn.

Noise: Noise travels easily. This area serves as an amphitheater. Between the hours of 9 PM and 8 AM, please keep noise from music, television, construction activity low so that it is not heard by your neighbor – this includes barking dogs and screaming children. (If you can hear your neighbor’s radio, imagine what else they can hear from your home!).

Parking: All homes must provide on-site parking for their residents, staff, service providers, and guests. Parking on estate roads (either dirt or paved) is forbidden as well as unsafe.

Group events: This is a residential neighborhood. Rental homes should not be marketed as sites for events larger than the residence can sleep (i.e. if the rental home has 10 beds, as do many 4 or 5 bedroom homes, rental home events should be limited to 10 people) nor as sites for weddings or corporate retreats (rental homes should not be marketed in “groupings” of homes –i.e. several villas rented to one group). Group events such events such as weddings should be held at local hotels, restaurants, or beaches.

To abide by these policies, we can permit each paid guest staying at Great Expectations to invite one other person so that the total number of people attending a special event can be up to twice the number of paid guests staying at the Villa subject to the following rules:

  • Special event surcharge of $1,500 for up to 25 people and $2,000 for up to 36 people.
  • Special event refundable damage deposit of $500 in addition to our standard $500 refundable security deposit.
  • Caterer or event coordinator such as a wedding planner is required and must be on site during the event.
  • All flatware, china, lines, dishes and glassware for the function must be rented or provided by your caterer. Caterer must do all cleanups before and after the function. Your security deposit will be charged for any extra Villa cleaning or trash removal that your caterer fails to do.
  • No furniture should be moved without written permission from the owner. If permission is granted, guests or their caterer will be responsible for moving and replacing all furniture to original placement and original condition.
  • The names of all personnel involved with the function must be provided in advance to our property manager to maintain the security and privacy of our guests.
  • Parking is limited at the Villa and there is no room to park vehicles on the one lane public road leading to the Villa. It is your responsibility to arrange for carpools or taxi shuttle service in order to minimize traffic congestion.
  • The maximum number of guests allowed to sleep in the villa at any one time is 16 without prior written permission. Should any other guests stay over even for just one night since we are not a hotel with staff to check-in and check-out guests, the cost will be the full standard weekly charge of $500 per person plus 12.5% government tax.
  • Any damage, breakage, missing items, water leak, running toilet, falling sky, etc must be reported immediately to our property manager.
  • You are responsible for any and all of your guests and the return to us of our property in the excellent condition in which you will find Great Expectations upon your arrival.