Villa Information Notebook

palm tree sunWelcome to Great Expectations — your vacation villa while you are our guest both now and, we hope, in the future. Unlike most villas on St. John, Great Expectations was not built as a private residence to be rented out to others only in the absence of the owners, but as a true vacation villa especially designed for visits of a week or more. That is, we do not ask our guests to live amidst the personal belongings of the owners; we always felt that we were somehow intruding in someone else’s space in such houses. On the other hand, neither is Great Expectations a hotel; it is a home with all the amenities for you to enjoy where you can unwind and relax in your own private villa.

For more information which will guide your stay at Great Expectations and on St John, please take a look at our Villa Information Notebook which has detailed information about the Villa including issues like how to contact your property manager, emergency numbers, maid service, water and electricity conservation, trash disposal and about St John’s beaches, restaurants, catering, boating, snorkeling and great hikes.