VITran Bus

VITran Bus

VITRAN Ride the Wave

Ride the Wave!

VITRAN buses travel between Cruz Bay Ferry Docks and and Salt Pond Bay (out past Coral Bay) along Centerline Road (Route 10) daily from 6:00am to 7:25 pm, with the Cruz Bay bus leaving the ferry dock at about 20 minutes past the hour. A very inexpensive way to get from one end of the island to the other, and while not particularly ‘on time’ especially after the storms in 2017, they are still an affordable and comfortable way to get across St. John.

Buses run from Cruz Bay at 6:00 a.m. and 7:00 a.m. before assuming the normal schedule, in which the stop is serviced at 25 minutes past the hour every hour until the final bus returns at 7:25 p.m.

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