Transportation Options from St Thomas airport to St John

Transportation Options from St Thomas airport to St John

There are three options to get to St. John from the St. Thomas airport:

Option I — private water taxi:

We recommend Dohm’s Water Taxi (1-340-775-6501). While for $25 per person with a 5-person minimum, it is more expensive than the public passenger ferry; this is a great way to start your vacation — no hassle, no fuss and, best of all, Patti, will meet you when you arrive on St. John if you call or text her at 305-244-8000 before you leave St. Thomas, show you to your rental car agency and lead you to the Villa. To get from the airport to their dock on St. Thomas in Red Hook, Dohm’s offers to reserve for you Christopher Taxi for $75 including luggage for up to 4 people and $15 for each additional person. Space is limited so if you wish to travel by private water taxi to St. John, you will need to make a reservation early!

Option II – public passenger ferry:

Take a taxi (usually a 12 passenger van costing about $15 per person plus $3 per bag) from the airport to the ferry at Red Hook. The taxi ride takes about a half-hour or longer depending upon the number of stops along the way to unload other passengers. We, therefore, recommend reserving a private taxi that, for 4 or more people, costs no more than a regular taxi and will take you non-stop from the St. Thomas airport to the St. John ferry. We have arranged with Wheatley’s Taxi Service for a $15 discount ($75, rather than the standard $90, for up to 4 people and then $15 for each additional person) — contact them in advance at 1-340-473-8900 or by e-mail at to give them your flight schedule. They will meet you at the airport (even if your flight is delayed) and take you directly to the ferry dock. The public passenger ferry ($6 per adult, $1 per child 2-11, and $2 per bag) from Red Hook to St. John takes only 20 minutes and runs every hour on the hour up to, and including, midnight. Please call or text Patti at 305-244-8000 before you depart St. Thomas so he can meet you at the ferry dock on St. John (which is sometimes quite crowded); Patti will  coordinate with your car rental agency to meet you and then she will lead you out to the Villa.

Option III — vehicle barge:

If you are very adventurous, you may wish to consider renting a car at the airport on St. Thomas and taking the vehicle barge from Red Hook (adjacent to the passenger ferry terminal) to St. John (about $50 each way per vehicle, no charge for the people or baggage). While this sounds sensible, it does present a number of obstacles: (a) we drive on the left (no one knows why, but it is symptomatic of the way things work in Paradise – backwards, which is how you have to drive onto the vehicle barge); (b) we have no street signs (if you chose this option, please let me know and I will send you turn-by-turn driving directions); (c) the vehicle barges are often problematical and only run until 6:30PM or 7PM (whereas the passenger ferry runs until Midnight) so that do not even begin to think about this as an option unless your flight is scheduled to land by 4PM; (d) unless you rent a mini-van or large SUV, you will not have enough room in the car for 4 people and luggage (everyone underestimates the amount of luggage they will be bringing for a week’s vacation); and, (e) if your St. Thomas rental car breaks down on St. John, you have a problem. While we do not recommend this option (especially for first-time visitors), it is less expensive as well more convenient to be able to load your luggage in your rental vehicle at the airport and not touch the luggage again until you get to the Villa. We have even arranged for guests of Great Expectations to rent vehicles on St. Thomas for a 5% discount from Amalie Car Rental and L&L St. Thomas. Be advised that not every car rental agency on St. Thomas will allow you to take their vehicles to St. John (a $1000 fine if they catch you) — in addition to Amalie and L&L (both off-airport so no airport fees to pay and they pick you up at the airport), others that do allow their vehicles to be taken to St. John are Budget (located at the airport, but there can often be a very long line – especially on a busy weekend), Discount and Thrifty (both off-airport, but they pick you up), and (sometimes) Avis. Let me know if you choose this option so that I can provide you driving directions and let Patti know (340 244-8000) what barge you are on so she can meet you when you arrive.