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What’s the weather like on St. John?

Heaven = Summer 12 months a year

Your first lesson – don’t believe the smart phone weather app! We’ve had more and more questions the last few years like “the forecast says it’s raining for the next 10 days.” The reality is, the weather is gorgeous almost every day – but there are brief showers every once in a while. They help cool things off and keep the cisterns full of fresh water. A typical week in St. John is 7 days of sunshine with maybe 1 or 2 showers that last from 1 minute to 15 minutes. While there are days of rain, they are few and far between.

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St. John

Average Season Temperature

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Ambient Weather 1401-IP station on our St. John Villa

Live Weather Station >

In early September 2018, while Hurricane Isaac was headed our way, we installed a live weather station. It submits data to the cloud (pun!) every minute and also posts to Weather Underground as one of only 4 stations still operating on St. John.

You can see the accurate current temperature, wind direction & speed, humidity, accumulated rain, and even solar radiation in the data to the right.


What to do when it rains on St John – rains!? Heavens no!

Go snorkeling, scuba diving, or swimming! Sure, you are wet anyway and the pretty fish are still there.

Use the day to explore the island. Yes, the roads will be a bit wet – and slippery – but you can only go so fast on our roads anyway! Poke around. If you are staying on the west end of the island use the time to drive all the way to the East End (visit Sloop Jones, Skinny Legs, Miss Lucy’s, etc) and if you are staying out in Coral Bay, come on over to Cruz Bay and check out all the shops and great beach restaurants.

RELAX! You are on vacation. Read a book and take an ‘extra’ nap.

Go take a peek at the National Park Service Visitor’s Center which has oodles of information including books, topographical maps, trail guides and nautical charts all for reasonable prices.

Volunteer at the St John Animal Care Center (SJACC)– they are always looking for volunteers and, who knows, you might just fall in love with a 4 legged critter to take home!

Shop til you drop! These days there are more than jewelry and t-shirt shops on St John. We have an artists association that is incredibly supportive of local artists. And, as you can imagine, St John makes for an artist’s paradise. What a backdrop for interesting photos or paintings. Frommer’ lists lots of St John shopping options.

OK, OK if you must – check out some of our very yummy restaurants — and beach bars.
Take pictures. Some of the best vacation pictures are rainbows after a hard rain.

Want live visual proof? Check out our live St. John webcam

our St. John live webcam


The official hurricane season is from June 1 - November 30, however, hurricanes can occur at anytime of the year: The World Weather Travellers Guide has a good article about hurricanes in the Caribbean. Should a hurricane threaten St. John, you would have plenty of warning these days so even if you are on St. John, you would have time to leave should that be necessary. What you do need to be concerned about is the cost should your vacation be delayed or interrupted! We highly recommend to all our guests the purchase of trip interruption/cancellation insurance; in the winter it may be a snow storm at home creating havoc in vacation plans, in the summer it could be the threat of an approaching hurricane, or, heaven forbid, a medical emergency to anyone at anytime! Our guests have for years used CSA which is relatively inexpensive and provides financial protection in the event of a hurricane. CSA also covers the pre-paid costs of staying in a private villa. You can get a free, no obligation trip insurance quote.

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