patti matejkaEveryone needs a little help on St. John

Meet Patti Matejka, our fabulous Property Manager and your personal Concierge while at Great Expectations!

Property Manager

Patti is an experienced and friendly Property Manager who knows St John well and our guests love her, as do we. As long as you turn on your cell phone upon landing at St Thomas and let Patti know when you will be arriving on St John, Patti will be waiting there to ‘meet and greet’ you upon your arrival on St. John. She will guide you to your rental car agency, then lead the way out to the Villa, give you a short tour of your new home and then disappear until, and unless, you need her!

St. John Concierge

As your personal Concierge, Patti is available to assist you in planning activities and making reservations around the island, including tours, hikes, boat trips (sail or power), fishing (clearly from the above picture Patti knows the waters and fish around St John!), massages, shopping, banking, choosing the best restaurants or chefs who will come to the Villa for your group’s interests. Patti gets compensated for her Property Management services and to be available to serve as your Concierge, but don’t forget, anything she does above his Villa responsibilities are her own time. If she does something special for you, please thank her and consider a tip.