A Revolution is coming to St John & it will be mighty tasty

A Revolution is coming to St John & it will be mighty tasty

viva la revolution cantina

Mongoose Junction’s Virgin Fire is about to be transformed in more ways than just the food and atmosphere. Owners of Sun Dog Cafe & Virgin Fire, Barbara & Michael Barry, are creating a revolution, one that this writer applauds.  This coming Saturday (June 11) will be the last evening for Virgin Fire and they intend to make it a great night entitled  VIRGIN FIRE GRILL WRAP PARTY featuring live music and a $20 buffet (can’t beat that on St John these days).  And, just eight days later on Sunday, June 19 they will open Viva La Revolution Cantina.

Fresh ideas & fresh menu

viva la revolution cantinaAccording to their Facebook post, the owners are distributing 25% of the value of their new restaurant to their employees in the form of profit sharing, with the option for staff to reinvest into ownership shares.

And, the menu will be loaded with fresh with local greens and fish caught by St John fishermen. Everything is made in house: made to order corn and flour tortillas, inventive truck stand tacos, Mexican favorites (enchiladas, chile rellenos, fajitas, tamales) plus the traditional combination platters. The menu is accented by a wide array of tequilas, served in flights, as margaritas or in pitchers for the table that can be paired with the extensive taco menu.

And, additional good news is you should find their prices pretty reasonable so give them a try when you are next on St John.

viva cantina sample menu


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